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Why Don’t Feminists Understand Reality?

Why Don’t Feminists Understand Reality? #feminism #marriage #insanity #reality

woman wonderingI got into an argument this morning with my breakfast cereal.  No, wait, that’s a George Carlin bit. Start again.  I got into an argument this morning with a feminist.  That’s better.  She was complaining that, now that she was recently married, she had to take her husband’s name and she was sitting online whining that it was her “slave name” or some nonsense like that.

So I asked her if it was a…

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Horror Show Sunday: Live-Tweeting Torture

Horror Show Sunday: Live-Tweeting Torture #atheism #atheist #Islam #Muslim #LiveTweet #torture #ReligionofPeace

tweetThere is a lot of evil in the world and so much of it comes from religion, but every once in a while, things are even worse than I thought likely.  Our friends at ISIS, the Syrian-based extremist terrorist group too violent and sadistic even for Al-Qaeda, decided to mete out some Islamic justice by chopping off the hand of a reported robber and live-tweeting the event.

In the remote Syrian town…

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Military Recruiters are Liars

Military Recruiters are Liars #military #recruiting #Army #Navy #AirForce #Marines #dishonesty #Pentagon #kids

parents-to-pentagonAbout a week ago, my oldest daughter got a phone call.  While I thought it was a little odd because they called on the house phone instead of her cell phone, they asked for her, it didn’t sound like it was anyone older so I figured it was one of her friends.  It turned out to be a military recruiter and she told him no, she wasn’t interested in no uncertain terms. I know, I was standing right…

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The Libertarian War on Marriage

The Libertarian War on Marriage #Libertarian #politics #marriage #Constitution #absurdity

Marriage SplitI see this come up from time to time, always from libertarians and always without any chance of being taken seriously.  Some libertarians have this bizarre belief that the way to solve the gay marriage issue isn’t to legalize gay marriage, it’s to get rid of all marriage for everyone.

The funny thing is, most libertarians I talk to who are married, they don’t want that.  It’s usually only the…

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Horror Show Sunday: Pray the Rickets Away

Horror Show Sunday: Pray the Rickets Away #religion #manslaughter #ChildAbuse #England #atheism #atheist

Nkosiyapha Kunene, was jailed for three years for the manslaughter of his son NdingekoHow often do we have to revisit the stupidity of faith healing and prayer instead of medical treatment?  When will we, as a nation and as a planet, entirely reject the merest hint that such things ought to be acceptable in the modern world?  Certainly not to day because here we go again.

Nkosiyapha Kunene, 36, and his wife, Virginia, 32, plead guilty to manslaughterin the death of their…

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Not Automatic Heroes

Not Automatic Heroes #military #heroes #liberal #America #service #Army #Navy #AirForce #Marines

heroI heard on Cognitive Dissonance where someone wrote in and made a good point about people in the military being automatically considered heroes and people thanking them for their service.  I honestly don’t know where this thing got started but I’ll be the first one to say it ought to stop.

Most people in the military don’t join to serve.  They join because it’s a job.  They get things for it.…

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My Thoughts on the 9/11 Anniversary

My Thoughts on the 9/11 Anniversary #9/11 #terrorism #ISIS #ISIL #Islam

remembering-9-11-attacksTo be honest, I don’t pay any attention to 9/11, in fact, I didn’t even realize that it was today until I heard them talking about it on the radio. It’s just another anniversary of a horrible event, but I don’t really feel bad about it, I don’t feel the need to memorialize it, it just is what it is and that’s all.

I was thinking about the day it all happened, I was on my way to work and heard it…

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Atheists Can’t Think Rationally About Rape

Atheists Can’t Think Rationally About Rape #RichardDawkins #rape #atheism #atheist #liberal #absurdity #irrational

You know, for people who, generally, claim to be rational, atheists can be a ridiculously irrational lot.  A lot of that I blame on the liberal mindset, liberals really aren’t good at setting aside their emotions and just dealing with the facts as they are presented, but when it comes to some of the typical liberal bugaboos, there’s just no dealing with them intellectually.

Case in point,…

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The Whine For The Win!

The Whine For The Win! #CarRepair #YahooAuto #whining #stupidity #logic #reality

auto-repairPeople whine about the stupidest things, this time out, we’re going to talk about modern cars and the “fact” that people “can’t” work on their own car.  This was brought up by an article, written by Steven Lang, over on Yahoo Autos, where he whines about 7 reasons that people “can’t” work on their own cars.

Of course, you can work on your own car, assuming you have the proper knowledge and…

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We Need No Atheist Communities

We Need No Atheist Communities #atheism #atheist #community #Atheism+

See This ShitVjack, over at Atheist Revolution, writes a lot about the so-called atheist community and I always disagree with him because I think that not only do we have no atheist community, we don’t need or want one.  He recently wrote a post, “recently” as of when I write this, not when you’ll read it, about policing the atheist community and, as you’ll see, there’s no point or purpose to it because,…

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Horror Show Sunday: Negligence in Sex Crimes

Horror Show Sunday: Negligence in Sex Crimes #SexAbuse #religion #Christianity #pedophile #atheism #atheist #church

Robert SobczakThis is the kind of thing that we need to see more often, I think that if we started seeing cases like this popping up, we’d finally see the church taking sex abuse seriously.  On February 17, 2013, an 8-year old retarded boy told his motherthat a volunteer at the Willow Creek Community Church near Chicago, Robert Sobczak Jr., had sexually molested him.  According to church officials, Sobczak…

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The Irrational Fear of Death

The Irrational Fear of Death #death #funeral #religion #atheism #reality #burial

grave stoneI was in a discussion recently where someone suggested that we, as a species, might want to rethink the practice of burying our dead because it wastes valuable space that could be used for something better.  It’s not a bad question to be sure, although I don’t think we’re out of usable land quite yet so this might be a premature consideration, but one of the people in the discussion completely…

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Opinions vs. Statements of Fact

Opinions vs. Statements of Fact #politics #NaturalRights #Libertarian #faith #religion #evidence #CoreValues #crazy

fact opinionThe recent discussion on natural rights has resulted in yet another concept that libertarians and others of their ilk don’t seem to get.  See, there was one libertarian who was honest and admitted that “natural rights” was just his opinion.  Well no, it’s really not because for every single natural-rights advocate I’ve ever come across, it’s never stated as an opinion, it’s stated as a fact.…

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Blaming the Victim

Blaming the Victim #liberal #conservative #responsibility #victim #VictimBlaming #absurdity

Hello-Im-a-victimI recently posted an articleabout Matthew Burdette, a young boy from San Diego who killed himself after being filmed masturbating in the school bathroom.  Everything I’ve seen so far has held him up as a victim of bullying and I have yet to see anyone making the same argument that I did, that no matter how wrong it was to film him and post it online, Matthew has to bear at least some of the blame…

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